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Crystle Perry

May 16, 2013
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I Just had to share… Today during prayer when you were binding thestrongman I saw a vision. There was a man sitting at an old wooden table.

He was a collector.  Another man approached him with old bags full of gold coins. I felt like this was someone in my family history from a long time ago and given the way the room looked and how the men were dressed I would think it was the early 1900s. The man from my family gave the collector the bags of money and he also handed him an I OWE You note. He didn’t have enough. Next thing I know I am standing before this collector with a note and I hand it to him. I don’t even know what the note says but he stamps it and the stamp says PAID IN  FULL!!! What a wonderful vision! I’ve heard stories of my family losing lots of land in Spain a long time ago. Maybe it started there. God knows and is taking care of it. Thank you again Pat!

I love the prayer line and you! Thank you for your faithfulness and leadership!!! I’m expecting great things!