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Dear Dr. Pat,

what a bless and wonderful time I had today on Lunch Date with Jesus. Dr. Pat something strange happened to me during Holy Communion, When you finish blessing the bread and you said now take the body of Jesus I did, than you said this is his blood drink it, so I did, all of a sudden my mouth became full of water, then as you kept on praying and you said open your mouth and pray, all I could say was Jesus about six or seven times. I was healed from, the funny cloudy feeling in my left eye is gone, I can see clearly out of my eye now. God has healed me, from a condition that I had for over seven years, I prayed day and night for my healing. Before you closed you said somebody has been set free today, well that somebody is me, thank you Dr. Pat. I said over and over that you are anointed by God to reach people like me who are dealing with things that are too much to handle on our own, and for reaching the lost. May God Almighty continue to use you in even mightier ways. Please use my testimony so that others can know that we serve a living God, and that he is the mighty healer!!! God bless you Dr.Pat.

I Just had to share… Today during prayer when you were binding thestrongman I saw a vision. There was a man sitting at an old wooden table. He was a collector. Another man approached him with old bags full of gold coins. I felt like this was someone in my family history from a long time ago and given the way the room looked and how the men were dressed I would think it was the early 1900s. The man from my family gave the collector the bags of money and he also handed him an I OWE You note. He didn't have enough. Next thing I know I am standing before this collector with a note and I hand it to him. I don't even know what the note says but he stamps it and the stamp says PAID IN FULL!!! What a wonderful vision! I've heard stories of my family losing lots of land in Spain a long time ago. Maybe it started there. God knows and is taking care of it. Thank you again Pat!

I love the prayer line and you! Thank you for your faithfulness and leadership!!! I'm expecting great things!

Dear Dr. Pat

Over thirty years ago I was married to my High-school sweetheart. We both were very young and immature. One day my husband told me he was tired of being married and wanted someone else. I was devastated. I cried out to God asking, why? I said to God,

"I thought you gave him to me. Lord, if you did he would not have left." We were only married for five years. From that union we had one child. A daughter, who is now 42 years old. Well, years passed and I never remarried or had anymore children. For many years I prayed to God for a husband. A husband grounded in the Lord. Yet, nothing happen. I would meet guys, but all were deceivers. I prayed that the Lord will not allow men to look at me unless they were sent by the Lord. No one looked. Three years ago I was introduced to LDWJ Prayer line. In 2015, I attended my first Powerful, Spirit-Filled, Prayer Conference in Houston, Texas. At that conference I purchased 10 of Dr. Pat's Book, "Prayers That Get Answers." I wanted to bless my family and friends. Dr. Pat's book is truly anointed by Almighty God. All Glory to God. The main chapter I focused on was Chapter 25, "Prayers For Singles Who Want To Be Married. " August 2016, I was reacquainted with my X--husband. The man that left me all those years ago returned asking for forgiveness. He was living in Texas praying to God to give him his family back. While I'm here in Louisiana praying for a husband and praying with scripture guided by Dr. Pat's book. On March 4, 2017 I remarried my first love after more than thirty years of separation. My Lord did give him to me. What Satan meant for evil and destruction, God turned it to good. For those who desire a mate in holy matrimony let God's Holy Word be your guide. And please do not hesitate to get Dr. Pat's book and/or CD, "Prayers That Get Answers." Don't ever give up on God. Keep Praying, Keep believing, and keep trusting in God.

I thank Almighty God for using Dr. Pat and her marvelous, gifted book. May God continue to bless and direct her path.

I love you Dr. Pat


God Supernaturally Made Provisions

I had been dealing with some financial issues. A lot of changes at my job, just an administration with an evil agenda. I had been off work due to some health issues, some stress related.. Forced to pay expensive co-pays, deductibles, and medicines I have never had to pay before. I knew I would not have enough to cover my mortgage the mortgage is due today. I call in everyday I can to the prayer line. I call at noon.

So I called in yesterday as always. The topic was peace. I don't have peace at work. They don't want to give me a promotion or raise after 15 years. I don't have peace in my relationship I just broke with my boyfriend the relationship was stagnant. I did not have peace in my health or finances. I called yesterday to order the CD. I also ordered the CD from July 2nd. I decided to order both. I knew I had $10.00 since I did not have enough to pay my mortgage.

This morning God told me to check my account.. I had enough to cover my bills and get all my son's school uniforms and supplies. School starts here in three weeks. I did not know how I was going to buy his school supplies.

Thank you Dr. Pat for being a vessel. May God continue to use you and grow your ministry.

I was on the Monday night prayer last night for the first time…WOW!!! and THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Monday night prayer is phenomenal, I am very, very, very thankful to GOD for loving me through you. If it had not been for your obedience my prayer life would be very poor and my blessings would be few rather than limitless.

I sent the email attached below out this morning at 9:47a to family and friends because we all need to be in a better place and prayer is the key that open the door. I’ve received emails thanking me…now I hope they see the need to grow in their prayer life and faith. I believe if they have lunch with Jesus at least once a week they will get hooked like me. I want all that GOD has for me…NOW I KNOW HOW TO GET IT!!!!!

Thank you so much for your ministry of prayer. You are an anointed warrior. You have mentored me to be a serious as well as diligent prayer warrior and worshipper. God is truly amazing in you. You are blessed, truly blessed. In His Love.

Hello Dr. Pat:

I just wanted to let you know that since you and LDWJ has come into my life, everything is brand new…my life, my spirit, my soul, my mind, my LOVE FOR JESUS. Words can, in no way, fully communicate to you how my life has been so MAGNIFICENTLY and WONDERFULLY BLESSED. I feel so empowered, anointed, and favored. Yes, I prayed. And that was all. It was non-productive prayer, in my opinion, all my life until now. You, along with Joel, have taught me how to strategically pray and call on the Fire Of God, and it has made such an amazing difference in my life and in the lives of my children. I owe all the GLORY to God, Pat, for using you as a vessel to teach me how to properly pray and placing you in my path. When I lift up my requests with supplication and thanksgiving, always know that you, your family, and your ministry are covered by the blood of Jesus… SHOUT 7 HALLEUJAHS!

Dear Dr. Pat A

I want to shout 7 hallelujahs!!!!!!! I have been praying everyday with you for 10 months now. When I started praying with you, I had been sick for 8 months. I gave you my testimony of how GOD healed me after praying with you the first six weeks. When you began praying over the water, I took it by FAITH. I used it for job interviews. I got a job miraculously and there are so many other miracles I could list that occurred by using this water, however, I wanted you and the prayerline to know this. One day I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to take off from work and to go where HE tells me to go. I thought in my natural head this sounds really weird or maybe it is just me wanting a day off to relax or something. But I did what I felt in my spirit. I ended up in this place in some really economically depraved area, ok? I know you pray for us every day for increase, and I had asked GOD, too. So I went in the place he showed me and filled in an application to work for minimal wages. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had searched before for better jobs, etc., but with no success. Before I went in I saturated myself with the “BLESSED WATER” and this time I used the “BLESSED OIL” and repeated the “BLESSINGS” you have prayed over us daily from my head to my big toes (I now do this every day). When I completed the application, the lady said verbatim “I am not going to waste your time and mine. Why don’t you apply for this other position that I have open?” I did not think I was qualified for such a position. She asked about my education and a couple of other things I had experience in. She interviewed me on the spot and told me to fax a couple of things that day. I brought the items back to her office that day and she told me she would call me later. Well, she called me the next day and asked if I could be there by 10:30 a.m. I went in for a second interview. Before I went in for this interview, I saturated myself really good with the “BLESSED WATER” and I was hired on the spot. Again, this lady said I was being hired too fast. (We have heard this before, remember!) Now get this! It is exactly what I asked GOD for. Oh, I have benefits, close to home, better pay and if I told you about the other things that came with this position, you would know it was the HAND of GOD. But this is not what I want to emphasize. You have prayed for me all these months to increase so, I asked GOD in my personal prayer time to hire me and let me work for HIM. I literally asked GOD if HE would hire me. Who could be better to work for? I was so tired of being out of place. I had a lot of financial needs and I really needed help. This place where he has placed me is a place where people have been thrown away. I did not know that there was such a need for GOD’S HANDS TO BE EXTENDED! It’s a ministry and not a job. I know I am working for the ALMIGHTY GOD and ministering for him, too. When GOD said HE will meet all of your needs according to HIS riches in Glory, HE really means it. For all the people that are really serious about finding a job, ask GOD to “hire you”. Dr. Pat, I would not have had a relationship with GOD like this without the “Prayer Line”. You have taught me and my daughter how to pray, fight, believe and win. We do everything the Holy Spirit tells you to tell us to do and believe. We take notes and our devotional places always have “BLESSED WATER” and “BLESSED OIL” waiting to be used. When you pray over the water, we get at least 24 bottles and a gallon or more. We use it everywhere and now every day. Sharda and I keep a bottle in our office, too. This is just the beginning. Oh yes, one more thing Dr. Pat, people on the prayer line that want to get married are going to get married this year. We are going to start anointing ourselves with the water for “Divine Connection” to our mates. Sharda and I have already started the plans for her wedding. I pray that you be the minister for the weddings. To GOD be the GLORY!!!!!!!

Dr. Pat, my dear friend! I have called you with so many praise reports and prayer requests. The Praise reports outweigh the requests because we know that our God is good, faithful and loves us! Hallelujah! I called you about my knee. As you are aware, I had knee surgery last year. I claimed my healing and received it in the name of Jesus. At times my knee would bring discomfort but I still declared my healing. About three weeks ago, I was lying in my bed one night. I was thirsty but did not feel like going downstairs. I keep the water that we prayed over by my bed so that no one can get to it. I had several bottles so I just said I would drink one. I drank the whole bottle not really thinking about it. I usually experience pain during the night in my knee, but did not notice if I had pain that night. However, the next day I was walking around and suddenly noticed that I had NO PAIN OR DISCOMFORT. The water brought forth everything that you prayed over it! The anointing flowed through that water and produced wholeness! Glory to God! I was so excited like the one leper who came back to say thank you to Jesus for healing him! I began to praise God and thank Him for making me whole! YES, he had already healed me, but now I am whole again! I have been so excited about it that I took my first cycling class in two years! I rode that bike, stood up and excercised for 60 whole minutes with NO PAIN! GOD IS GOOD! God said it, I believed Him and that settles it! I am made whole! You never really appreciate your health until it is not whole! I thank God everyday for my healing and restoration! Thank you for your obedience in providing awesome prayer points on Lunch Date With Jesus! Thank you for praying over the water! It does what it is suppose to do! GOD IS FAITHFUL! I BELIEVE IN HIM! AMEN!

Today as you were giving prayer points you told us to exhalt the Lord in prayer! I was in a restaurant getting me a lunch to go. I walked out with my lunch in a bag (plastic tray) and umbrella because it was raining. As I listened to Lunch Date With Jesus I began to pray and exhalt God! I told Him that I would exhalt Him in all that I do! I praised Him on the sidewalk as I was walking to my car and then all of a sudden I fell down on the sidewalk. I fell hard and my legs were bent in separate directions as everything in my hand fell to. At this time, you said to pray that the Lord will pick you up and that the righteous fall down seven times. As I began to get up thinking that people in the restaurant saw me, I felt a peace and began to praise God again! You then said that God will not allow you to be shamed! I don't know who saw me fall like that, but I do know that I got up, picked up my things, and walked away with no pain or being wet! As I drove my car, I began thinking that my food was mixed up all together. I got home and opened up my food and my food was in the same position, in place, separated and NOT MIXED UP! I had gravy, greens, mashed potatos and chicken and they were NOT MIXED UP! I began to thank God because only He could have allowed me to get up and not be hurt. My knee could have been injured again–BUT GOD! It was God that kept my food from mixing up because He knows that his daughter does not like that! It was God talking to me to let me know that He is working in my life and that He is in control! He was reminding me through the prayer points, the fall on the sidewalk, and my food that HE CONTROLS EVERY SITUATION and that HE will not let the enemy have victory in my life!!! Thank you for helping me to see that God was talking to me! THANK YOU FATHER!!!! With tears I type this because He is so good! It is so much going on in my life, but MY GOD IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, MORE THAN I CAN EVER ASK THINK OR IMAGINE! I HAVE A MIGHTY GOD! Who dare be against me! I love you and thank God for you and Lunch Date With Jesus! Great is your reward in the name of Jesus! God will reward you!!!! It is your time! Blessings to you and your family! Shalom (Peace)

Hi Dr. Pat,

Just wanted to share a testimony about my son. While I was in the compass class at Lakewood church, one Sunday you looked at me and you said YOUR SON WILL DO GOOD that was last year. Well my son was locked for a few years for following the wrong group of friends which he too had something to do with it. He felt the Holy Spirit tugging on his heart to not do it or not be a part of it but he did it anyway. He was found guilty.

As of December 2011 he came out of state jail, married his twins mother, started getting his life back together getting his certification for welding and is now working. His job is sending him out of town to work on oil rigs he is now in California. This all took place in two weeks after he out before the New Year he was working.

While he was locked up, I told him what you said. A lady in my bible study class said you would do good. He said he held on to that Word tightly deep in his heart. Until this day when we talk, he says Momma I never forgot what that lady told you I WILL DO GOOD. It is a Word he is holding on to forever. He sees God moving by the Word you spoke in Compass class.

Thank you for awesome work of God!!!!

God prompted me most of all to keep praying with “Lunch Date with Jesus” (especially in the year 2012); because I must be “wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove”. The enemy like never before wants me to fail, so the world can mock me. But HE assured me if I stick with the prayer line, I would stay on the forefront. HE wants me to execute every prayer. What I mean by this is that I am not to take the prayline for granted. It is not just there for my comfort and listening pleasure, it is there as a major weapon of warfare. As the LORD, leads you, you lead me and He leads me and mine to victory. And the good news is I win “every time”.
The “Prayer line” has been one of the greatest BLESSINGS for Sharda and me. Thank you so much for your commitment and I thank GOD for giving you the Grace to minister to us that were so spiritually destitute. As I have testified before, when I connected with the prayer line, I have experienced GOD’s Blessings like never before.
I thank GOD for you and yours. There is so much more I have to tell you. Sharda and I love you.

To GOD be the Glory.

Hello Dr. Pat!
I just have to thank God for you and Lunch Date With Jesus! Ever since I have been calling in to the prayer line not only have my prayer life and relationship with God deepened, but my life has become testimony after testimony. Yes, I have been going through trials and tribulations, but through the prayer line, I have gained strength and faith like never before! I told you in a previous message that I am addicted to Lunch Date With Jesus! I would have it no other way! God delivered me from a drug addiction years ago, but this addiction to Lunch Date With Jesus brings a high like none other! In His Presence there is fullness of joy! I have been seeing so many things turning around in my life. You had been covering so much and giving us strategic prayer points that has brought victory in so many areas of my life! I had been at a crossroad regarding my marriage and children. I have to admit that my faith had been stirred up on the prayer line as you prayed over marriages and children daily! You also declared that God would not only surprise me, but do something new in my life BEFORE this year ends! Well, I have to say not only has he turned the situation around with my son and humbled him to honor his parents, God has also touched my husband to do a 360 degree turnaround. He has been loving on me like never before! This man I use to know has been touched by the Master's hand! Words cannot describe my joy or this turnaround. I feel like my marriage is heaven on earth. My husband had been making slow progress, but yesterday I saw an instant change! I just thanked God and knew that He had visited me BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND THIS YEAR END! To see my family in peace and my marriage in harmony is the best Christmas present next to the gift of our Savior! Glory be to God! The curses and strongholds have been lifted thanks to the powerful prayer points on Lunch Date With Jesus! Now I really understand the Word when it says my people perish for lack of knowledge! Knowing what to pray and how to pray has really set me and my family free! God is such an awesome God to strategically plan our formal meeting at the breakfast! I had been praying for years and pleading with God to not let me stumble. He gave me you and Lunch Date With Jesus! There is no amount of money that can repay you for your obedience! May God bless you abundantly for the lives that He restores through you! I am a Partner forever with Lunch Date With Jesus! Please set up a partner plan on your website because I know there are others who would love to partner with such an awesome ministry such as this! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! HIS GLORY IS MANIFESTING IN MY MARRIAGE, MY CHILDREN'S LIVES, MY JOB, MY FINANCES….and in every area of my life! THERE IS NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH!!! Thank you again! You are such a gift!
Shalom (Peace),

Good Morning D. Pat,

You may use this testimony and any others. I definitely am not ashamed of what GOD is doing for me and my child. Yesterday, as you were praying over us "breaking the evil covenant", something really went deep down in my spirit. When I was 16 years-old, a lady and I got into a serious brawl and I tore things up very bad around her house, but the police stayed out of it. I remembered last night (for the first time ever) that she was a woman that was deeply involved in witchcraft and lesbianism. She was very popular for "casting spells" and probably other things that I never paid attention to. Well last night, I had this dream of a beautiful, expensive jeweled plate with diamonds and other geogeous jewels on them, but there was about a 1/6th part that was dark and had a serious demon head on it, but as you were praying the "salt covenant prayer", the Lord for the first time ever since I was 16, brought this lady to my attention (She is deceased now, she died a horrible death.) He brought back what she said the last time I saw her. She said, "I still feel the same". What she meant is that she still hated me and would get me back someway, even though I was much younger than she. I remember after that everything I ever did stagnated, I had good jobs, worked and never could get farther than paying the rent, never had the beautiful things that other people had although I had the same money, I was always poverty minded after my encounter with her and backwards. I never got promoted and never had the things "I know I should have had" although I tried to. Just last night I remembered the look of hate in her eyes at me. However at that time , being very young, I laughed it off and never thought about it again. Then last night I had this dream about this beautiful jeweled plate with about 1/6th of it covered with demonic static. Then as you were praying, the LORD started closing it up and I prayed for this lady although she passed over 40 years ago. I think I know what the dream meant, but thank GOD He has used you to help me get the vicotory over whatever the enemy intended. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! It's too late devil!!!!!!

Good Evening Dr. Pat,

I have so much to tell you about how GOD is BLESSING us. I have made a donation on line. We are looking forward to the midnight New Year's Prayer. Sharda and I are so happy and blessed since you have been a part of our lives. The Lord has used you to help so many people. I want to also let you know that Sharda and I use the BLESSED Water everyday. We purchased 24 bottles the last time for you to pray over and they are being used for all who visit us. I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made and the peace that is in this house. I use it everyday before I go out on my assignments. It's as though FAVOR is just eminent when I use the water. Please remind everyone to continue to use the water and expect GOD to move on their behalf. I will send you another testimony very soon. It's so much more to tell.

We love you,

Shout7 Hallelujahs,

Hi Pat,

I wanted to share a testimony with you. Yesterday you taught a little on dreams and last night I had a dream that there was a three headed snake crawling up by the ceiling (high place) in my kitchen. I remembered the dream when I woke up. I gave my dream to God and asked for direction. Well, today in prayer when you asked us to pray that every demonic agent contending against our destiny be destroyed guess what showed up in a vision? That 3 headed snake! 2 of the heads were very calm but one was not. It came after me! Right in my face but there was a clear shield between us! The snake head kept biting and trying to get me! It was so mad and violent and ended up knocking its own fangs out against that shield. The snake literally ended up beating itself up against that shield. It crawled back up to its high place but it was only for a very short time because it fell to its death and hit the floor. As soon as that happened I saw the Lords hand reach in and take the snake out of the vision by its tail! What you dont know is that I have been standing for a long time for something that goes back 3 generations! Victory did come today and fell from its high place!!! To God be all the glory! Its done! Thank you Pat for all you do! I love you!

To God be the glory! I was telling God how much I love Him today and am grateful for you! I purchased both of your CD's yesterday at Lakewood volume 1 and 2. I listened to Vol. 2 all night long as my husband and I slept. I heard it all night long in my sleep and noticed that when my husband and I awoke, we felt at peace. The atmosphere was so peaceful! I asked my husband, do you feel peaceful? He sayed, oh yes! Who was that we were listening to? I shared with him who you were and he said that it was relaxing. The anointing changed the atmosphere in my home and I just love the fact of being prayed over as we slept and the favor my husband showed towards me. Thank you so much for your obedience and making these CD's. I listened to Volume 1 on the way home from work to transform the ride home to a tranquil moment. To God be the glory! You are such a gift! May God enlarge your territory not just where you are but what He plans on doing through you!!! I declare that every need you and your family has is met in abundance to be a blessing to others in the name of Jesus!!!! IT IS DONE! AMEN!!! Hallelujah

Good Afternoon, Dr. Pat, Thank you so much again. I love this ministry. This is just the beginning (just as you said). My daughter and I have been praying with you every day since you gave me the card for "Lunch Date With Jesus" in the "Compass Class". After you prayed over the oil, my daughter started anointing herself for a job. She has not had a permanent job for over 2 years. She would go on interviews and was never selected. She was so disappointed! So every day you would pray and tell us what to say in prayer time. My daughter did exactly what you said as prompted by the Holy Spirit. Then when you prayed over the water to release the power of the "BLOOD OF JESUS", she and I began drinking some of it. (You know my testimony about how I got my job.)A lady that we exercise with was drawn to my daughter. She just fell in love with my child. She gave her a temporary job coaching her granddaughter in volley ball for $25.00 per hour. Then she suggested that she fill out the application for the governmental job that her son was the supervisor of. TODAY! She is going downtown to get her governmental ID to work for HUD and her training starts on August 30th. She had instant favor. On top of that Dr. Pat she did not have to go on an interview!!!!!!! The grandmother suggested he hire her and he did. Also, my daughter sent you a donation after she heard you teach on the widow's mite. Because that was all she had. My daughter is 24 years old. Also, Dr. Pat during the time you were praying over the water, it rained at my house for three days. Thank you for answering the call of GOD on your life.

Dear Dr. Pat Shout 7 Hallelujahs!!!!!!! Sharda and I are trusting GOD more and more. The prayer line has opened many doors for us and closed some, too. The Holy Spirit prompted me (mother) to drink some of the BLESSED WATER (the water we prayed over for three days). I had some very, very serious pain in my foot diagnosed as bone spurs (Planarfiscitius). I cannot even describe the pain. I was at the point of tears every day. I work with children, so you know that I walk several miles per day. I was so embarrassed to walk with a limp daily. I drank the water Thursday morning before going to work, NO MORE PAIN. I exercised that evening; no more pain. The Holy Spirit also prompted me to work with the prayers you pray over the prayer line. What I mean is that He wanted me to get into His Word and find what I was looking for in a husband and the other situations that are pressing in my life. Look at this scripture: Luke 4:17 Hosea 3:3 (KJV) 3And I said unto her, Thou shalt abide for me many days; thou shalt not play the harlot, and thou shalt not be for another man: so will I also be for thee. I am confessing this; because I was married 23 years to a man that was a serious harlot and it ended in divorce. But the Lord is letting me know that my spouse to be will not be a harlot and we will abide many days together. (Only GOD knew that I had a fear like this. I was too embarrassed to let anyone know that I suffered from fear of having a husband because of harlotry.)I am also confessing Ephesians 5:25 (KJV) Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; (as a matter of fact, I am praying Ephesians chapters 4 & 5 everyday for my spouse to be and all my loved ones that are not saved)I confess DAILY that my husband loves me even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.I also pray in agreement (Matthew 18:19) with you for everyone that wants to be married and not just that, but all the other things we as the followers of “Lunch Date with Jesus” pray for. (It is power in numbers, Deuteronomy 32:30, Joshua 23:10) It is just a matter of time (Genesis 8:22) before the “Rain of Blessings” comes down upon us. I want to encourage all that are praying with us on “Lunch Date with Jesus”, to stay strong, don’t, don’t get discourage, stay strong, GOD’s Word cannot return void (Isaiah 55:11). Sharda and I will continue to believe it. It is only a matter of time before we see manifestations poured out upon us so great that we will not have room enough to contain it (Malachi 3:10). Then we will have more than enough to give to this ministry the way we desire to and to give to others in need. We are writing this down in our vision for today’s prayers. The LORD knows we want to sow more seeds to “Lunch Date with Jesus” and He promised us He would give seed to the sower (Corinthians 9:10). So, this morning (Saturday) the Holy Spirit prompted me to donate a $100.00. I did not try to figure out anything. I just checked my account and made sure it was in there and donated it. The Lord said I would not be put to shame for trusting in Him (Isaiah 54:4)
Right now I am between working assignments, but as the Lord my GOD liveth, my cruise of oil and barrel of meal has not run dry (1 Kings 17:14). I love you Dr. Pat A. and yours. Sharda and I pray for you and yours daily. Sharda is doing excellent at her new job (she sends her offerings to you). This young lady is enjoying her job so much; she says she can hardly wait for the next day to get to work. It was a miracle the way she got it. (She used the Blessed Water before the two interviews). She is able to pray with “Lunch Date with Jesus” because she can schedule her lunch hour when she desires. It is so much more that I could write and tell you about Dr. Pat; it would probably take three days to tell all that has happened to Sharda and me since praying with “Lunch Date with Jesus”. I also know that others are experiencing victories; too, even though it may be small in their eyes, I know GOD has answered many prayers through this prayer line. My LORD wants me to encourage you. It’s working. He is a GOD that cannot and will not lie (Titus 1:2).One last thing! GOD is rising up (a/some/even more) cupbearers for you (Nehemiah 1:11), but only you and GOD will know the time and who. Thank you so much for answering the call of GOD on your life. It has helped to deliver many that were (are) chained by satan’s grip. (But, we are free now and know how to fight back). We love you. Growing in His Love, Grace and Power

Hi Dr Pat Thanks sooo much for keeping Mary in your prayers….she did well in surgery…praise God! Thanks so much for bring me the PRAYER CD'S. I have received many blessings since I have been listening to them. I listen to them every morning when I wake up and it has helped me tremendously. I am giving the CD'S as gifts to my family members. Also…thanks for the woderful loaf of bread u gave to me…it was great and I almost ate the whole loaf in one sitting!

You are my mentor…..met you at the Sisters and Friends breakfast, but knew you before then. I was always blessed to hear you teach the prayer life sessions! I have been listening to your prayer line every day since and am hooked! I have texted hundreds of people your number and more are coming in the name of Jesus! To God be the glory for what you are doing! You are such a gift! Thank you for the card and flyer that has blessed so many including myself! I love you Pat and thank God for you! I tell people you are my mentor…lol. You are…. Thanks for being a blessing in my life!

Dear Dr. Pat,

Shout 7 Hallelujahs!!!!!!! As I am typing, my daughter is leaving for her first day working for “First Texas Homes”. She has been promoted since the last letter we wrote you. Remember, she is the one that heard you teach about the widow’s mite and she was promoted to give you all she had which at that time was about $21.00.

Since we got your prayer card invitation to “Lunch Date with Jesus”, we have not missed a day praying on line since. We asked God to give us provision that would not disconnect us from the prayer line. The job that she has now will allow her to stay connected to “Lunch Date with Jesus” and also Dr. Pat, it is very hard to explain, but she is working in a model home worth about $300,000 sitting on a lake where Tiger Woods and all the golf pros perform. She does not have any experience, and the boss is training her right now at this very moment to become a “Community Sales Consultant”.

I was visiting the model home with another relative and the Consultant simply stated that she needed someone to come in as a part-time hostess for these home builders. I did not say anything, I kept silent, but the Holy Spirit promoted me to tell my daughter to call the next Monday and ask if she could apply for the job. She did and she got the job. She anointed herself daily with the oil and water. When she went on the interview, she sprinkled the water on her face, hair and hands. They were highly impressed with her on both interviews and my daughter received the job and has good hours, close to home and she is working in a very wealthy atmosphere among very wealthy people. You see Dr. Pat; poverty has always tried to be our adversary, but not anymore. You have taught us well. You have taught us how to fight and prayed us through so much in these last four months. GOD is moving very fast to restore ALL that the enemy thought he had taken. I am the one that waited on the answer for healing for eight months before I connected with you.

I must pass the TEXES exam on September 24, 2011. Passing this exam will increase my salary by $27,000 before this year ends. I know that you and all on the prayer line are in agreement with me. We are planting our seed faith of $500.00, as the HOLY SPIRIT has promoted us. You have taught us well. The day I met you we barely had food to eat. We pray for you every day and we are continuing to lead others to “Lunch Date with Jesus” and Dinner Date with Jesus”. We love you and yours so much.

In His Service,

Dear Dr. Pat,

Thank you! Thank you so much for giving me the cards that day. I am enclosing a donation. I am the lady that you laid hands on the last time you were teaching the Compass Bible Class.

As I briefly stated, I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to stay in my room for eight months to wait for the answer for my healing. I do not need to tell you what was wrong. I started coming to compass and was drawn to your anointing. Then after the last class you taught I was bold enough (prompted by the Holy Spirit) to ask if you had a personal ministry I could follow. You gave me the cards and I have not missed a day yet praying with you.

When I went back to the doctor six weeks later; NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH MY HEALTH. Shout 7 Hallelujahs!!!!!!!.

I did not have a job for two years. When you prayed over the oil, I anointed myself for a job and or however GOD wanted to bless me financially. The Holy Spirit prompted me at 12 o clock one night to send a text message to an old Assistant Principal just to say hello. We talked the next day. She recommended me to her boss; I was interviewed two days later (I sprinkled the water on my hands, face and hair) and I was hired within 4 hours. She even said that it was favor because no one had ever been hired within four hours.

GOD has shown me so many things HE wants me to do. My life, my children’s life and others have been changed because of “Lunch Date with Jesus”.

I start work on the 15th of August. Please expect more BLESSINGS FROM ME TO YOU! However, I am trying to find a way to record the prayer daily. I do not want to miss a day.

I Love you and pray for you and your ministry and your family, everyone on the prayer line every day of my life; and I always will.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Praise the Lord, woman of God! It is indeed an exciting time for the people of God. It excites me to witness God using you mightily for such a time as tihs. God Bless you and keep you is my prayer for you!

Praise report : Last week I was in dire need of a fianancial blessing. I needed a specific amount. I had the amount in the bank, but had to take from it for nessecities.On the nite before the bill was due, the spirit spoke to my heart to pull my wallet out and my bank card and annoint them with the "blessed" water that you had prayed over. When I went to the bank it was as though I had never taken a dime out.Praise My God, miracles still work, by faith ! !

Goodday Doctor Pat,

I would like to start off by thanking God for you, I just started listening to you on th prayer conference line and you have been a blessing to me. I wish someone had taught us how to PRAY LIKE YOU DO. maybe sometime in the near future you can do a seminar on Prayer. In America we people are not being taught spiritual warfare and told the truth about that area of ministry.

Hello Pat (Blessed Woman of GOD!)

Thank you very much for the blessings and for Lunch Date With JESUS. I am empowered because of this increased prayer time. It is changing my expectations!!!

You will be at my wedding…no doubt about that.

I can see everything turning around!!! I continued to pray the day the conference line went dead also. You are training us well. I am so very happy and thankful!!!

With Love and Gratitude,
Poet | Author | Speaker

Dr. Pat,

Praise God for His grace and mercy! For His mercy endures forever, God's word will never ever fail He always watch over His word to perform it. Dr. Pat prayer really does work along with obedience. I am so graceful for Lunch date with Jesus it has cause my prayer life to go to another level. I am learning how use prayer points and aim at each target with the word of God.

Dr. Pat I am so thrilled to share my testimony with Lunch Date With Jesus on the behalf of what God has done for me.

This pass Sunday I was inspired by Holy Spirit through the voice of my daughter to go back to school to continue my education. I have been unemployed for almost a year and my unemployment is soon to expire. I have been seeking the face of God and asking Him what is plan and directions that He has for my life. Somehow I came to place in my life after attempting and failing so many times of trying varies opportunities in seeking financial gain and stability to stop and cry out to Jesus for HELP. In this process I made up my mind that no matter what nothing will happen successfully in my life unless I seek God for His will and directions first before making any decision. Dr. Pat that has not been an easy thing for me to do, due to the fact like many others I lacked patience therefore I want instant gratification. If a new idea or invention entered into my mind I would immediately begin the process executing it without really seeking the face of God for clear cut directions or better yet the timing or will of God. Finally I come to a place of brokenness in this area after resisting the will of God concerning my future. I know God has placed a great desire within me to prosper in all areas of my life especially concerning family, relationships and financially which is my ministry and encouragement to others. Dr. Pat I believe in conjunction with the faithful prayers of the saints through Prayer Lunch with Jesus and my willingness to trust and wait on God for His plan and directions for my life God touch the heart of man on my behalf to bless me with free tuition for my continuing education.

On Monday morning after spending my time in prayer and asking God what was His plan for me for the day? I was instructed by Holy Spirit to seek out schools concerning the interest of training that had been placed before me. This time I asked my Heavenly Father if He want me to do this please direct and order my steps where I was go, who to talk too and provide the financial provision. I started the process with searching out information on the internet about the field afterwards I only made to phone calls. The second person that God placed on the phone line I know in my heart was the right place that I contacted as well as the right individual that I was to speak with. Long story short I meet with the Director the following day who was a very strong man of God. I informed Him that I did not have the money to attend school but I felt very strong that I was lead to do so. The man of God told me immediately as children of God were not operate off of man economy but God’s economy he stated while I was on the phone with him that God had already spoken to him to pay for my tuition in full which included all books. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. If we would just want upon the Lord He will show up and show out.

Again Dr. Pat once again I am so graceful to yoked up with Prayer lunch With Jesus, I have returned like the two who were healed of leprosy to say thank you Father God in the name of Jesus Christ for blessing me before the great congregation. Please continue praying for me that works of my hands will prosper greatly in to break and destroy the spirit of poverty off my life and family forever as well as be a blessing to the body of Christ. Please pray that the clouds be removed from my eyes in order to see crystal clear, open eyes to hear crystal clear and spirit of obedience to move swiftly when the Spirit of God speak, that my heart not become selfish nor greedy when the blessing come to pass and each vow that I have made before God Almighty will be honored before Him with a pure heart.

My Testimony:On February 2. 1993, I was in the hospital room about to give birth to our youngest son. My pregnancy with him was hard, so in my prayers, I would always say, “Jesus on the day of my delivery may you be the doctor to deliver me.” Not thinking too much about the prayer, just wanting to be protected during delivery. As I was in the delivery room in pain, I looked up, and there He was, Jesus standing right below the hospital TV in my hospital room. I said to Him “you came,” in great surprise, and He said to me, “of course, you asked me to” so I was relieved. We were interacting for a while, and the nurse came and gave me some epidural, I dosed off, forgetting Jesus was there.As I stated having the labor pain again, I remembered Him, and I looked up, there He was, still standing there, I don’t know how long I was asleep, I was surprised and embarrassed that I fell asleep on Him, so I said to Him “you still here,” again surprise, and His reply was “I will be here as long as you need me.” As my pain got intense, the Doctor and nurses came in and started telling me to push, that they could see the baby’s head, I did, and nothing happened. After a while, Jesus, took a few steps forward, pointed to me, and said, “Now push.” I did, and immediately the baby came out. After that I didn’t see Him any more. God hears us every time we pray, and He really cares, so we need not worry. Since that day, I have not viewed prayer the same way. In 2008 the Lord told me to make a prayer CD and another one in 2011, which He has been using mighyly.

Dr. Pat. Thank you so much for sending me those CD's, they are changing my life daily, I listen to them around the clock. One stays in my car and the other stays by my bed in the CD player. I make God bigger and now my problems are much, much smaller thank, I am also learning the Scripture verses!!! Again, thank you, God bless.

“Dr. Pat,
I have been hearing the Lord speak to you through "Lunch Date with Jesus" for almost three weeks now….I do not know how to accurately describe to you the new level of thinking, believing and praying that I am experiencing now as a result of this unique ministry the Lord has given through you. My spirit is now on fire! Fear, moments of scare (I know that makes no sense but that's what I felt), bracing for the next financial catastrophe and always wondering when my finances would improve dominated my thinking even though I am a Believer! The way and manner in which you pray speaks directly to my spirit, to my real situations and to my future!! I have begun to pray differently for my family, for my husband. I have always been an encourager, but now I feel as if I speak BOLDLY the things of God to the people in my life and to complete strangers. When people would request prayer for sick family or for sick friends, I would avoid praying because I would just feel as though it's up to God to do what He wants to do with that person, and that is indeed true. But now I honestly seek the Holy Spirit and I share His words concerning that individual. I love and appreciate how you just speak clarity to deep, deep concerns and frustrations; you're not trying to be like anyone – I just LOVE it! As soon as the Lord turns things around for me and for my family, I would love to send an offering to you! Yet, I pray and I cover your ministry in prayer that the Lord will be your Hope and your Expectation; that the Lord will be your hope and your salvation, a fortress where you will not be shaken! May the Lord give you victory in your life so that you see His Honor. (Psalm 62:5-8) Be Blessed and walk in God's
special favor for you and for your family AND for your ministry. I love you dearly!!”

Praise the Lord sister Pat ".to make a long story short. Ever since I met you at a prayer breakfast my life have never been the same !I call in almost every day lunch date with Jesus, miracle after miracles. I was something like homeless, with two dollars in my checking account. I sowed a seed on Friday’s meeting, on money I didn't have I sowed a seed for house for me and my children. Dr. Pat you told me that God was going to show up and show out, that I’m not to worry about monthly payments cause God is going to make sure my needs be met and I will not be ashamed, no more. I asked God for a 3 bedroom house, I moved last Friday into a 5 bedroom,3 full bathroom huge, house money in my checking, no more shame thank you Jesus!!

!!sowing into your ministry is like money in the bank !!